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Friday, December 10, 2010


In the midst of the country's chaos and uncertainty, this face showed up:

He lives across the street with two girls who attend our feeding program. He might be a cousin or he might not be... the story isn't clear. His mother works as a merchant during the day so the girls, about 8 years old and 14 years old, are his caregivers for the majority of his waking hours. Its obvious they adore him, but the things he is leaning are quite suspect, such as a few swear words. He is Everyone's new favorite kid. He is quickly learning many people's names on our street. I often walk outside my house and hear him squealing "Boo" (yes, that's referring to me) or something similar. Multiple times he has run across the street with his short little legs and I've had to shout at him not to cross before I can reach him in time. Lucas and Alicia Simmons spotted him first (or so they say) and are trying to find a better living situation for him or help his mother find a job that allows her to be more present with him during the day.

Another one (I'm sure the first wasn't enough for you) of that precious face


Annah said...

Incredibly sweet face :)

Sarah-Wife, Mother, Friend, Writer said...

I absolutely LOVE his smile! What joy in his eyes! Refreshing...



so sweet

Escort said...

sweet face :)

sburns said...

this is wonderful picture

bree; said...

this child is beautiful.
some people do not realize how many helpless souls there are out there.
this made my day (:
it's people like you who give children like this hope.
i enjoy your blog.

Jessie said...

this kid so cute! and he brings so much joy with just his smile.

becca35757 said...

What a beautiful soul! God bless you for doing such wonderful work.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful brooke.. i envy u.. :)..
best wishes

Peony said...

Aw he is gorgeous!