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Friday, December 31, 2010

Feasting and Celebrating

Last week was the culmination of weeks of preparation at MdL, creating a chaotic but exciting week. For over a month our kids have been practicing for our annual Christmas program, where we feed 400 adults and children from our community after presenting song and dance numbers and a nativity skit. Last week also included organizing gifts for our orphanage children, host a visiting team from Canada, and actually celebrating Christmas. The Manasseros also helped plan the wedding of one of our staff members, Fritzner, which was on Christmas Eve in the evening. I was involved in a bunch of medical issues with kids in our neighborhood and our kids starting the week before last and moving into this week. 

For the Christmas program, held last Wednesday, groups of kids were led by a teacher or dance instructor in a dance, a song, or a recitation of bible verses.  After a nativity skit performed by our kids, Marlval shared about Christ with all those in attendance, then food was served. Beforehand I was able to help our cooks and girls prepare some of it, much to the shock of the boys. Just because they don't see me cooking, doesn't mean I can't! 

The attendees: 

The line for people trying to get inside. Each child at our normal feeding program was given two tickets to invite friends or family members.

 Patrick as security

 Dave! Oh, how I love this child's eyes. and his smile. and his laugh. and...

The Big Boss. He (Fritz) totally cooks like this everyday...
 My darling Dieunithe

 Katrina's feet. Even her feet are cute.

Everyone was in their finest for the shindig.

 Cherley. Beautiful as always.


Mollie said...

Beautiful sentiments. How prominent or prevalent is voodoo in the area in which you are committed? I ask because I came across a BBC article about women, namely mothers, lynching voodoo practitioners, blaming them as the cause of the cholera outbreaks and I wondered if this was an issue for your community?

Angel said...

I just would like to think you again for allowing us to share in your experience there. It warms my heart to know that people like you are in the world. Im grateful for all the work you guys are doing there. Ive been out of work because of back surgery and reading your blog lifts me up. Take Care and please dont stop doing what your doing!