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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Election fiasco

In a previous post I talked about the Presidential elections in Haiti, before they happened. It was a disaster during and after, and probably before, too.

On the Sunday when people were supposed to vote, they found that ballot boxes were already stuffed with ballots voting for Jude Celestin. Many people reported that when they went to vote their names were not found on the list of votees. At other places, the names of people registered to vote were strewn all over the ground and trampled underfoot, preventing people from voting. This morning I learned that Celestin is current President Preval's son-in-law. Preval wants Celestin to come to power in order to protect Preval from going to jail for fraud. The favorite to win this primary election, Michel Martelly ("Sweet Mickey"), was not included in the final two last night, so its now between Mirlande Manigat, a former first lady, and Celestin. Apparently, earlier yesterday Martelly was in the lead to come out on top of the primary election. What happened later in the evening?

Last night as Kaitlyn and I went to bed we wondered whether we should stay awake awhile to see if "anything" might be happening. This morning people have been burning tires on Delmas (the street we live off of, but its not actually super close to where they are doing that) and throughout Port au Prince, to create a statement that they are not happy about the results of the primary elections. In some areas, people are shooting and throwing rocks. We are not driving anywhere today, school is canceled for those of our children who go to schools other than the MdL school, and we are waiting, praying, and pretty much carrying on life as usual. We are stocked up on extra food, water, and gas as needed. Our kids are doing well and learning much about politics in this time! Thank you for your prayers for Haiti. The final vote for President will not occur for a few weeks.


pbeclipse said...

Praying for everyone at MdL.

-Randy Clairmont

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke, thanks for the update. We are praying. TRUSTING THAT GOD IS WORKING AND IN CONTROL. Say Hi to your Mom for me--Marijane, King;s Harbor Church

MetalPSI said...

The flying spaghetti monster won't help the Haitians, but choosing the proper world government leaders will. While your efforts may have a small immediate effect, lets call it what it is, a futile effort by someone who feels justified to play ignorant to the real problem. Although, I must commend you for not adopting a baby like the celebrities do.

Brooke said...

Wow, are pretty bitter. Unless you live in Haiti, or even if you do, I suggest you reserve your judgments of me and the Haitians, unless you are ready to be judged yourself, and it won't be by me. Maybe if the current or future leaders of Haiti had or have people investing in them and showing them how to love others instead of how to put money in their pockets, we will see a difference in this country. How do children and adults learn how to serve their country? They learn by example.