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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Props to Google!

Google, I was screaming last week, but this week we are totally friends! You gave me back my email address and my blog! I thought all my long hours of writing and recording my time in Haiti were gone, finished, zeroed out, but now you wiped away my tears (ok, I am being slightly melodramatic) and gave me back my words of the last year! Mesi mesi anpil! Jezi renmen ou! (ok, not really...). Word to the wise, and to myself, BACK UP YOUR BLOGS!


C. Alvarez said...

LOL are you sure that is necessary, given the fact that it's on the internet? Maybe bookmarking your page when you're logged out would help you find it if you have login troubles

The Red Angel said...

I agree with Alvarez. :) I never log out of Blogspot so when I get on the Internet I can immediately go to my dashboard.


Kelly said...

I was wondering where you went ... glad to see that Bwooke is back! Missed you friend.

Brooke said...

Thanks for reading, Kelly! Miss you!

C. Alvarez and The Red Angel:

My account was disabled by google for some unknown reason and I couldn't log into my account at all. The blog was disabled too. After a bunch of emails, they finally restored it.