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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've never been much of a baker. Let's just be honest, I'll eat chocolate or sweets any day of the week, I just never cared to make that stuff myself. But since moving in with Jocie and watching and helping her cook delectable treats and dinners (tea, as these Aussie's call it), I've decided I must be able to make these things on my own for when I leave here and because it is actually fun. So, in addition to making different meals I've now made four different homemade cakes and I'm loving it. 

Number 1:

Apple cake for Chabine's birthday

Number 2:

Banana upside-down cake for one of John and Jocie's dinner guests. Jocie found a Haitian cookbook at a bookstore/coffee shop (eat your heart out, Barnes and Noble) that we've been using. But no pics. Whoops.

Number 3:

Coconut cake with custard filling and meringue frosting to welcome our new interns (also from the Haitian cookbook). Whoops pictures.

Number 4:

Hot fudge cake for my bible study girls

Let me know if ya'll have any that I should try out...especially when I get back to Washington next week and need a reason for people to want to catch up (oh, p.s. I am moving back there- one day I'll post about that).