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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Haiti and Radical

I just left Haiti last week. And yesterday I decided to start reading Radical by David Platt (so now I start missing Haiti and forgetting all the reasons I thought I was supposed to leave). And tonight I read this post from Anne Voskamp, reflecting on her trip to Haiti:

Excuse me while I go have an ugly cry then pray, "What do I do with these? What do You want me to do, Lord? Show me my mission field here, Lord."

Best Quotes from the blog post:

She puts a grass woven hat on my head and all I can think of is Job saying “justice was my robe and turban” (Job 29:14). In the family of Christ, we wear justice for the poor. In the Body of Christ, our lives should be clothed in caring like our bodies are covered in clothing.
You can turn a blind eye to the poor all you want but it could have turned out that you were the poor.

               You don’t stay in the palace if you want anybody to find  
 – especially yourself.

Are we entangled in Christ and loving His family or are we entangled in culture and its pressures to have all of its stuff?
You don’t forget who your brother is — when you know Who your Father