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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

January in Pictures


 One of the four newest boys, Tiyou. 

 Stanley, who moved into the boys home in January with his little brothers, Wilson and Tiyou. 

 Emmanuel, Yvenel, and Lukenson

 Schneider, who also moved into the boys home in January.

 Lukenson playing marbles

 A couple of my buddies at the feeding program

Yvel, one of my favorite kids who attends the feeding program and hangs out in our neighborhood.

 I have a huge soft spot for this girl, Katrina. We've been through a lot together. She put a rock in her ear years ago, but she's becoming a little mother hen for the youngest girls.

 Oh, Daphne. Oh, Daphne.

 Adniaka, the girl with the worms in my last post. 

 Adniaka and Katrina



karen gerstenberger said...

Such beautiful faces! Thank you for sharing them with us, Brooke. God bless you, your work and the people of Haiti.

The Red Angel said...

These children are beautiful and absolutely precious. Their eyes are so big and bright!


Brother Saul said...

You are an inspiration to someone like me even though I have seen scenes like these in other places.I pray that God grant you the desires of your heart, you deserve them.

gone to the beach said...

I am a nurse too. It's great that you have given yourself to these children. You've put yourself to the diffucult situations - it's more than that a nurse can do. I raise a hat to you. I have studied english all my life, let's see - does it bring me something new in the future. Say best wishes to all great kids, adults and volunteers from me. I am sending this post from Finland. Love.

ChokolatNoir said...

These pictures are priceless!

I'm supposed to be asleep, but thought I'd wander around Blogger a bit. Glad I decided to stop by.

I'm going to follow you because you support the people I love.

Keep up the good work :)