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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Christmas Program pics

*I started typing this on New Year's Day, but am just now posting it.

Happy New Year to all! I am excited to start a new year in Haiti and to see what the Lord will do in this country and in our lives.

I am using the quieter day after being up late last night to catch up on blogging, especially of pictures. How did YOU celebrate last night and today? In addition to blogging, reading, and relaxing, I get to eat some fantastic soup Jamou, made by our sweet cooks at the orphanage. Soup Joumou is traditionally served early in the morning on January 1, in celebration of their independence in 1804, as they were forbidden to eat the soup when they were under the rule of their French masters.

 Christmas Program pictures:

 Jacob and Johnyve

Asher (my friend Brittany's son) and Elisee

 Daphne during her solo

 Norleen, one of our staff members' kids

 Cherley with her little brother

Ensis, one of the girls who goes to our school

Fabiola, the fabulous. She's only eight, but she is responsible for taking care of Dave.

Angelina, who goes to our feeding program.

 Jerry. I just love this kid. He's always asking for band-aids, but usually can't tell me why he needs it. He's only five, but watch out...

 Susette. Doesn't she look like a cute little elf here?

 Marcorel and Scotti, the security detail.

Semi looks like a grown man in his suit! That's Gibson singing in the front and our MdL girls singing and dancing.

Lanyess. Enough said.


C. Alvarez said...

do you know the history of why they were not allowed to eat soup? That seems a bit odd.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

its just me:) said...

beautiful people =)

Jéssica =^.^= said...

É de pessoas como você que o mundo precisa! Parabéns pelo seu trabalho