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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday Kaitlyn and I tackled a beautiful hike with Rod and Brittany and our new friends (since yesterday), Tiff, Jamie, and Katie, who teach at Quisqueya Christian School with Rod. We drove up to Kenscoff, which is about a 45 minutes up-hill from where we live, then parked the car to walk to Le Montecel, where camp was held for Maison de Lumiere this past June. The trail was surrounded by greenery and wildlife on every side. Adults and children alike were fascinated to see Rod and Brittany pushing a stroller with a white baby. Along the way, a family driving by us stopped their car to talk to Rod. They found out that Rod works at QCS, where a relative is a board member. They generously offered us to have lunch at their home, where they served meat and cheese croissants, apple pastries, and avocado sandwiches. We left wondering why they were so prepared to host seven other people? I LOVE Haitian hospitality! Something for me to strive to be like.

One child in front of her house ran inside to grab her friends when she saw Asher. They ran after him squealing, "Nou bezwen we babe blan! (I need to see the white baby!)"

On the way back many comments were made to Rod and Britt about Asher's legs bouncing around in his stroller and that he was getting too cold. Eventually, when an older man protested a bit too much, they gave in and covered him up even though he was already asleep and content. When a white person has a baby (black or white) with him or her it typically invites Haitians to give comments about how the baby is being taken care of, as in the money fiasco I created with Estaline.

The family we ate lunch with met us along the road again as we walked back. We were getting tired and had commitments to get back to in town, so we piled Asher (inside his stroller- don't judge please) into the back of the truck and we all held on to the stroller as we slowly made our way down the hill. When it comes to fitting people inside a truck here in Haiti, any number of people seems to work.


T & T Livesay said...

praying for you guys! see you in 65 days :)