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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pale vous Frances?

A few weeks ago our kids started school for the fall. This year the MdL school is being taught completely in French. This is a change as for the last two years the MdL school has been in English. Our older children had been going to Haitian school, which is in French, before the earthquake, but since then they'd all been attending MdL school in English. Some of our older children are going to two different nearby schools and the rest of our children go to the MdL school. Here's a peak at what the kids look like after they've had a long day....looking better than I do, for sure, after a long day!



Jennifer (Fritz's niece), Youdelka, and Cendy

Oline not wanting to show her face

Ruby, Fritz's niece. I could just eat her up!

Daphne, another one I can't get enough of


Leslie said...

Beautiful pictures, B! Are you editing them at all??