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Friday, May 21, 2010

Here comes the bride....

There is a lady who works at the girls' home, Sylviana, who has two boys, Keso and Daniel, who live at the boys' home. Last Saturday Sylviana married her long time boyfriend and father of three of her children (Keso and a little brother and sister). I'm not sure what spurred on the desire to marry her beau at this time, but we were all excited for them and happy to attend their wedding.

Sylviana asked if I would take the pictures for the wedding. Navy, a nanny at the girls' home, was the couple's godmother (they have godmother's at Haitian weddings for the bride and groom, not just for a child being baptized). Cendy, one of our girls, was the flower girl, and Keso was the ring bearer. For days our girls were talking about the up-coming wedding. All morning Saturday the girls, Navy, and Sylviana prepared at the girls' home. Traditionally, Haitian weddings start late- hours late. Marlval drove the bride and the rest of the MdL group followed in two other cards. We all showed up about 1 1/2 hrs late. There was no walking down the aisle for the bridal party and bride. I'm not sure if this was because we were late or because the church was pretty small and didn't have a long walkway to dance down. Yes, you read right. Haitians typically dance down the aisle. I was sorely disappointed to not see this display. However, the wedding attendees were so enthusiastic in their merriment and singing of acapella Haitian worship, that I had the feeling I was a part of a musical, always my fondest desire. While another man led worship, the pastor slept in a chair near the bridal party. After the ceremony, we drove to Sylviana's and her husband's house, where we were served coke's and pate's (a popular Haitian food that is similar to a "Hot Pocket", but better). Sylviana, her husband, and their kids will be receiving a new pre-fabricated house, as their other house fell down during the quake. The "house" where the reception was held was made of tin and tarp and built right on top of the other house's rubble.

Every time I looked at Cendy or took her picture, she looked like she was being tortured. But she looked gorgeous and so cute!

Josie, the youngest son

the bride and groom and their youngest son


the kids are Orlphinka and Daniel, two more of Sylviana's children

No, he's not chewing on trash. He's drinking drinking water (water can be bought it plastic bags here)

Check out these tights on Cendy!


karen gerstenberger said...

Thank you for posting these stories and photos. I'm so thankful that you heard God call you, and obeyed. Those dear Haitian people are blessed to have you with them, as I am guessing they are also blessing you. Sending big hugs to you!