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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last week a sweet and fun team from Kansas stayed at the guest house to work with our ministry. One of the team members was a physical therapist and another, a massage therapist. We have joked (but I am completely serious here) that we would like to add a massage therapist to our list of permanent staff members. So, therapists, please apply here. The physical therapist worked with Estaline, our little just-turned two-year-old. She has low muscle tone and some developmental delays. She is quite smart but is physically behind in meeting many milestones. Kathy, the PT, created a list of exercises for me to do with Estaline. It has been delightful spending time with Estaline and making her work. The whole guesthouse can hear her as she cries out "gade"- meaning look in English - as she walks with a walker that one of our teachers and handymen, Matt, made.

We don't think she is in pain, but fearful of the exercises and just not used to working so hard. She had been like a queen, sitting on her throne and waiting for her loyal subjects (the girls, staff, and visitors who adore her) to give her her food and any other thing she may need. Here she is, working out:

Do you see the sweat on that brow?


Kathy Day said...

Love it!!!

Leslie said...

Ditto! So cute. :) And wait, the PT Kathy is not our kathy, right? Ha, small world!

karen gerstenberger said...

Dear Brooke,

I just read a wonderful article in my college alumni magazine ("Pomona Today") about a young man named Carlo Diy who shares your passion for Haiti and has volunteered there with Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. He has a website: . Just thought you might like to know. Sending prayers for continuted blessings upon you and your ministry!