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Monday, May 5, 2014

On One Year and New National Traditions- from Momastery

Reposting from Momastery:

Sometimes it feels to me like our national tradition in the face of tragedy is to sit around and watch people be interviewed and feel sad and helpless. We are not helpless, and sitting and feeling is not compassion. [Emphasis mine: Compassion is not your pain in my heart- that’s pityCompassion is your pain in my heart and back out through my hands. Let us – today- turn off the TV and use our pain to make some real living breathing peace in our own hearts, and then in our families and then in our communities. We should honor those lost by working. If we want Love Wins to be true, we must do the hard, holy work of making it so.  See more at:


Lauren Monsey Nagel said...

it's so hard to see all the people and children all around the world as they face such horrific challenges. Sometimes prayer is all we have to give.

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