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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Have any of you brave, crafty, or "I hate hair" people out there tried sugaring? A friend in my small group raved about it, so my roommate and I courageously prepared it and tried it. Here's a tidbit of our conversation as we endured the pain: "This makes me want to swear!" ~Mari. "Go right ahead." ~Brooke.

For those who might be wondering if this a sport, a method of medicating, or a way to get in touch with  God, look at this website, our resource for this (new to me) treatment:

I sure hope the lady in the picture is not doing to this to her lips. Weird if there was a need to do that there....hmmm....

Only a small patch worked for each of us. I have my thoughts about why. We do know that for some reason the mixture didn't get hard enough. Youtube videos of the process helped us figure that out. And the videos made it look pretty much pain-free (and our friend claimed that too. She has yet to answer our emails with questions). We haven't given up hope yet, though. We and our hair will not admit defeat. A tupperware of the sugar mixture awaits in our fridge for the day we have the chutzpah and skill to endure it again.