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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post-op Report

I apologize for the late post in telling you all that finally Sophiana had her surgery on January 28th. The surgery lasted longer (3 1/2 hours) than her surgeon had anticipated it would as there was even more swelling than he had expected. She is continuing to have some dizziness/balance issues so we are praying that those are short-term complications and she can return to school this week. Thank you for your prayers for Sophiana and for making this surgery happen! She is very appreciative of all you have provided for her. Soon I will post some words directly from her.


Jen said...

that is great news! please keep us updated on how she is doing.

C. Alvarez said...

Thank you for letting everyone know, I will spread the word.

Michelle said...

So good to hear! Also I would love to catch up with you at some point in the near future and see how you are doing :)