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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tomorrow, Sunday, are the Presidential elections in Haiti. Yesterday I found some of our kids passing out business card type cards to each other and to me. On one side of these cards is a picture of one of the candidates who is in the lead, Jude Celestin, and on the other is a picture of President Aristide with the words underneath, "Bon Retour," meaning "Good Return." Apparently this candidate has both the backing of Preval, the current president, and former President Aristide, who was ousted out of Haiti in 2004 and sent into exile in Africa. I admit I don't understand all of the history with Aristide, but around here, he is not a popular man. Today I found some of our boys burning these business cards in their backyard. Where did the cards come from? The sky. Word has it they were dropped out of a plane yesterday.

Today we have a curfew at 8pm- no driving after this time. Tomorrow there is a ban on driving all day, so no driving even to church, due to the elections. Earlier in the week, while discussing the elections at our staff meeting, we were told by the Haitians that there would likely be a driving ban on Sunday. As silly Americans we thought, how are people going to vote if they can't drive to a voting place?! But, Haitians can walk to where they are voting. Supposedly, the ban is to prevent people from congesting the roads, protesting, and reacting violently on the streets. However, rumor has it that the government wants the ban to prevent people from voting at all. With Cholera inflicting many, I am sure that voting numbers will already be down. School is also canceled on Monday for those of our children who go to schools other than the MdL school, in anticipation of possible riots or violence on the day after the elections.

Another lead candidate is Marline Manigat, a former first lady. She would be the first female president of Haiti. "Sweet Mickey" Martelly, a singer with a reputation for crude lyrics, is also in the lead.

I ask that you be in prayer for the elections in Haiti tomorrow. Pray that the next president will act with justice and mercy for the people of Haiti and be truthful in all his/her dealings, rather than be corrupt and out for money, as most politicians in this country (ha, not only here!) have seemed to be in the past. The results of the elections will likely not be decided or announced until December or January, so please continue praying beyond tomorrow.


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Hi Brooke! I enjoy reading your blog - makes me feel like I'm there :). Praying for you guys! Kari Loscher :)

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