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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Madam Jocelyn Update

Many of you may remember hearing about or you financially supported, an employee and woman in our neighborhood, named Madam Jocelyn. She has returned to Haiti after being in the Dominican Republic for four months for radiation treatment and more chemotherapy for Stage IIIB uterine cancer. As the cancer is not yet in remission, her doctor is recommending more chemotherapy followed by a special type of radiation called brachytherapy, which will both be conducted in the DR. There are no guarantees, but her doctor says that this continued treatment will be effective in eliminating the cancer in her body.

The total cost of the treatment is $3500, which includes room and board in the Dominican. It is urgent that we raise this money within the week so Madam Jocelyn can return to the Dominican for the treatment. The longer the time period between treatments, the greater the risk that the cancer will metastisize or be more difficult to treat.

Will you please join us in praying for the funds so desperately needed to help this dear woman continue her treatment? We know our God is great and can heal her. Please keep Madam Jocelyn and her family in your prayers. If you feel called to help with her medical expenses, you may donate online at our website - just make it clear that the funds are for Madam Jocelyn. Keep praying and may God bless you.