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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last week I went on a jog with our boys, Semi, Marcorel, and Emilien, as well as Ashley and a new teacher at our new school, John Michael. I was behind Semi when he stopped running briefly to buy a hot dog with some mustard at a roadside merchant. Then he started running again as he chowed on the dog. To add to the fun, Semi took John Michael and I through some alleyways so as to get ahead of Ashley and the other boys- or to shorten our run. Either way, to my humiliation, we were still behind Ashley and the boys.

Some more photos of our kids and others who are near and dear to my heart- completely unrelated to the running story. I just got a kick out of running with Semi. To know him is to love him!


Christella. This lovely young girl moved into our girls' home right before Xmas. A friend of the ministry heard she was living in a less-than-ideal situation, after living on the streets, and asked if we could take her into our home. She has especially bonded with the younger group of girls, but is slowly making her way with the older ones, now that she is in school with them.

Nelson and Esther, kids who live across the street from me and attend our feeding program

Lulu. This child in our feeding program loves to "pound" my fist whenever I pass him in the street. He has the widest, whitest, beaming smile.

I think this may be Lulu again. Either way, I just really like this picture and this adorable kid.