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Friday, January 29, 2010

Quake pictures

On the Sunday after the earthquake, Dana, Ashley, and I were finally able to venture out of our neighborhood with Fritz to take an older lady, Ely, home. She had been waiting in our “hospital” for a few days to receive a cast and also didn’t have a way to return home as tap taps were operating infrequently and she lived further up the hill. Apparently someone had seen her crying on the street a day or so after the earthquake and had picked her up and dropped her off at our clinic. Below is the only picture I managed to upload from that afternoon. The internet has been extremely slow in allowing me to put pictures on here. This picture probably seems "tame" in comparison to what you have seen on tv or in newspapers. Of course the media doesn't portray things in the best possible light, so Haiti looks completely demolished to those who aren't here and often only the stories of despair or violence are shared. What I saw and have experienced didn't look that way. It will be interesting to get out more, hopefully this weekend.  What I have experienced in our neighborhood are compassionate people wanting to help their neighbors and family. I have seen strangers hold hands and sing praises to God from their tables that are used as hospital beds. I have watched children serve water to the sick, pick up trash, jump into conversations to translate, and lead adults in singing praises to God. Haiti is an island of beauty, mostly because of its tenacious, resilient, humorous, and kind people. 


kenneth and emily said...

Love you and still praying for you and the rest of Haiti everyday!!