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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

California and Florida

I'm in Haiti now, but first I thought I'd share a little about the week leading up to it. 

My time in California was a time of blessing and encouragement. I spent three nights with my friend Rachel in Seal Beach. We watched movies, ate with her family, walked on the beach, and visited her boyfriend's fire station. He gave us a ride on his truck around the neighborhood and then outfitted me in a fireman's outfit. Much fun and laughter ensued. 

A close friend and former coworker, Chelsea, drove up to see me and we had breakfast and a walk along the beach. She and I both share a heart for missions and adoption so it is always wonderful to talk and encourage each other. 

My friend Brittany had a baby in September. Rachel drove me to see them and we spent the day eating and reminiscing about living in Haiti. Then, our friend Kim spent the evening with us as we walked in Manhattan Beach, eating free food and obtaining "free stuff" at a Christmas tree lighting event (we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, people!).

I flew out the following day to Fort Lauderdale where I was picked up at the airport by Ted and Lisa Hojara. Lisa and I spent the next day at the beach, relaxing and reminiscing about Haiti, of course. In the afternoon Ted and Lisa's kids, her sisters, and I went horseback riding at Lisa's dad's ranch. I think its been about ten years since I've been riding. One of their horses- none of us rode it- was a serious pest and was, I think, trying to have a love affair with my horse. In the morning Ted and Lisa drove me to the airport and I was very thankful to have Lisa go inside with me as I was forced to do some rearranging of my luggage contents. I was good in California (bags were slightly under the weight limit) but after adding some books in Florida, I was over the limit. It really is quite embarrassing to be opening your suitcase in an airport and showing other passengers that you might not be the best packer. 

The week was a joyful time with friends, ones who are like family to me. See you all in Haiti! 

                                                      Lisa Hojara and I


Anonymous said...

You looked pretty hot in that fireman outfit :) Love you Brooke.