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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In one month...

     Just a few of the children I look forward to loving on when I return

Last Wednesday I gave my three week notice at my workplace, Children's Hospital. When I asked our nurse specialist when my manager would be back at work, she responded with, "You better not be quitting." I couldn't lie so I told her "yes." She was very supportive of my reason (she wasn't surprised) and even went so far as to say she might like to come visit me! Rarely do I have someone bring that idea up themselves... it seems that it comes from some prompting on my part or others. My manager was understanding and supportive as well. My last day is November 8th. On November 16th I will be flying out of Seattle to see a few friends for a couple of days in California. Then, I will spend two nights with Ted and Lisa Hojara in Fort Lauderdale (the Hojaras lived in Haiti last year and worked with Maison de Lumiere). On November 21st I arrive in Haiti, the same day as a wonderful group of people from Bill and Susette's church in the states, Kings Harbor. I have met and enjoyed many of these people on their previous trips to Haiti.

What will I be doing with Maison de Lumiere? Much of the same duties I had before: nurse for the childrens' homes, nurse for the community, and leading bible studies for the girls alongside the Haitian staff and my new friend Dana and Bill and Sue's daughter, Ariana. Dana is living at the guesthouse,  ministering to the girls, and overseeing the feeding program for the neighborhood kids. She and I will be roommates. Ariana (my friend I tutored in math last year) is now living at the girls' home. I would love to reach out more to the ladies in our neighborhood with Bible studies, health and hygiene classes, and teach them how to read.

Stay tuned for updates from Haiti upon my arrival and check out my friends' blogs from Haiti listed to the right.


T & T Livesay said...

Yay - see you soon beautiful Brooke!